Dynamic Chassis Measuring System

All Recommendations
are based on a late
model set up for
Caraway Speedway and
would apply to any
asphalt track of similar
length, radius, and
At Ride Height, we set the left tire to anywhere from 7 to 9 degrees of positive camber and
the right tire to anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees of negative camber.   Positive camber
indicates the top of the tire is leaning AWAY from the center line of the car, while negative
camber indicates the top of the tire is leaning TOWARDS the center line of the car.

At full compression, we like to see between 1 and 3 degrees of positive camber in the left
side and 8 to 10 degrees of negative camber in the right side.

We have seen cases where the left tire actually goes to negative camber at full
compression which is of course undesirable.  It is important to remember that making
changes to your camber will move your moment center.  As we have constructed a 3D
model of a front end in our 3D CAD software, we can actually import your cars geometry
into that model and make virtual changes to see where the moment center will move
before taking a wrench to your race car.