Dynamic Chassis Measuring System

Moment Center
We highly recommend
Stock Car Setup Secrets
- Advanced Chassis and
Suspension Technology
for Asphalt and Dirt
Circle Track Racing by
Bob Bolles.  Chapter 3 is
a great primer on
moment center.
All Recommendations
are based on a late
model set up for
Caraway Speedway and
would apply to any
asphalt track of similar
length, radius, and
At ride height, we like to place the Moment Center horizontally 0 to 4 inches left of center
and vertically 1 to 3 inches above the ground.  At full compression, we like to see it move
to 6 to 10 inches left of center to 0 to 2 inches above ground.

In terms of the charts we generate, a positive number in the horizontal column indicates
left of center while a negative number indicates right of center.  A positive number in the
vertical column indicates above ground while a negative number indicates below ground.

Below is an example of a car with a moment center way too far to the left.  We were able
to move it for them while maintaining their camber settings.