Dynamic Chassis Measuring System

Services and Pricing
For $750.00 you receive :
  • A report containing caster, camber, toe, bump steer, camber change
    curve, moment center and Ackermann at ride height and at 4 different
    compressions through your travel.
  • A technician, mechanical engineer, and software engineer at your service
    to help make any changes you wish to your car while measuring results of
    those changes in real time
  • A final report after all changes are complete.
  • Confidence in your front end geometry.

We do have reduced pricing rates for repeat customers as well as
those who wish to set up a schedule for multiple visits.

What you bring :
  • All slugs, spacers and control arms (of different length than the ones on
    the car).
  • Ride Height for all 4 frame corners.
  • Estimation of your travel on the left and right sides.
Example Report